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About US

About us

‘Rent and lease made easy with Rent2You’ Rent2You Company is a industry leader and most important a customer focused organization. We are always listen to our customers and we are providing them a superior service exceeding their expectation. Thus, earning their trust, respect and confidence. We implement cutting edge technology in all the aspects and processes either for rent a car, leasing, private leasing, chauffeur drive and many more products custom made to suite each individual or organization needs for mobility. Seamless booking (reservation), touchless payments, check out and check in of cars with out human interaction. Advance mobile applications bringing the rent a car experience to another level and at the fingertips of the customer. We proud our self’s to be the first car rental and leasing company that allows individuals and companies to rent or lease, with diversified products, conventional cars, recreation cars, trucks, busses, full electric cars, motorcycles, and many more.

Rent2You offers a wide range of hourly, daily, monthly, long term, operation lease for both companies and individuals, chauffer drive, events and group rental products. The vehicle pickup can be from our locations, or we can simply deliver it to you. We use forefront and cutting-edge technology which enable us to offer online car rental services as well as self-rental option.

Rent A Car

Rent A Car as easy as 3 steps using our applications. Delivery and Pick Up is also available

Operational Lease

Peace of mind for any company which requires vehicles for the operation. We can provide tailor made solutions for You!

Individual Monthly Rentals

Revolusionising monthly rental market segment. Get a car to your doorstep on the cheapest monthly rates available

New and Well Maintained Vehicles

  • Dealership Maintenace
  • Dealership periodical Service
  • Dealership Check Control
  • Dealership repairs

Best Prices In the Market

  • Discounts for walk in customers
  • Discounts for Companies
  • Discounts for advance reservations
  • membership discounts and privilages

On Line Bookings

  • Simple and Easy Steps
  • Discount for online payments
  • Book any available car
  • Instant Confirmation

VIP Customer Service

  • VIP service to all
  • Dedicated Staff for support
  • 24/7 Call Center
  • 24/7 Customer support